The new Reichstag Fire – September 11, 2001 – and its relevance.

Posted on: September 11th, 2016 by Melchior-Christoph von Brincken

The new Reichstag Fire – September 11, 2001 – and its relevance.

It is physically impossible that buildings collapse in the velocity of free fall – unless they are blown up from the inside.

September 11th, 2001 two aircrafts flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The towers with height 415 and 417 meters rushed in on themselves in less than 12 seconds. If you drop from 417 meters altitude a stone, he would reach the ground in 9.22 seconds.

WTC Concrete was pulverized  and hurled up to 300 meters. This requires a lot of energy. Had the collapse really been the cause of these energy-intensive pulverization, the absorbed energy would have massively reduced  the fall rate.

The only physically plausible explanation is that the floors of the buildings were blown up in a way that the down-falling mass did not make contact with debre which had to be cleared out of the way prior to contact and so the fall could not have been slown down.

Less well known is that the third building WTC7, that would have been with its 178 meters the tallest building in many cities in the world. The WTC7 collapsed without having been hit by a plane in about 6 seconds. 6.16 seconds is the free-fall speed without any resistance.

An important element of free fall is the acceleration of the rate of fall.

Imagine two Porsche in front, one on clean pavement, the other covered with 20cm of mud on a roadway. Both cars would arrive not only not at the same time, the car on the muddy road would reach through the resistance a low maximum speed because the resistance does not allow a further acceleration.

Also, the yielding of the base opposite the collapsing upper parts of the WTC contradicts the Newtonian law of motion of bodies.

The relevance of the new Reichstag fire.

Many on the left believe if they adhere to a moral code and call on others to do the same – for example, refrain sexist remarks and separate the garbage – they would change the world.

Some trouble, some small success is nullified by the next war, the next genocide. One does not stop an arsonist by training one self to kindle no fire. Also can absolutely necessary solidarity with victims which have lost their homes be objectively harmful when it distracts from finding the arsonist.

The famous Japanese swordsman Musashi wrote in his Book of Five Rings:

„Know yourself so you will win half your fights, know also your opponent and you win all“.

The trained angst

Even at school is trained that who best reflects the official line, announced by the teacher as pure doctrine, gets the best score. Private thinking is not encouraged. There are answers taught to questions that have never even asked by the students, while critical issues are punishable and considered as interference.

The fear of the Left

Many leftists reproduce trained angst for being  described as „conspiracy theorists“. The official government line of the highly aggressive, criminal acting empire is reproduced as „truth“, while ignoring even critics at best, makes the worst case a victim himself. Emancipated thinking does not ask where it arrives with a question. Arguments, pro and con, are weighed, there can be no questions asked that are taboo.

The failure of the left.

Established Left have made themselves comfortable in their „political correctness“, conveying an attitude that is open to the world and against discrimination.

This system carrying the „left“ has had a long march through the institutions. Now politicians or publicist reside inside with Villa with private organic garden. They pounce on anyone who breaks the consensus with a homophobic, sexist, or even anti-Semitic statement.

Criticism of fascist regimes is discredited.

If someone criticized the fascist junta in Ukraine – which was brought to power by a paid US coup –  the system carrying fake left with their perverted version of itself good and important in their „political correctness“ will single you out as alleged heretic. Your opinion being „left“ or „right-wing extremist“, „sectarian“, „stupid“, „conspiracy theory“ etc.

Really bad it is, if someone dares to criticize the ruling fascist in Israel. With shaky ideological constructs such as the „structural anti-Semitism“ every criticism of Israel is assumed racist by intention.

It is also a scandal that Zionists who physically attack those critical of Israel.

We have 11 September 2001, a new Reichstag Fire, we began the incitement against Muslims a new anti-Semitism. At the same time the left is paralyzed, impotent and incapable. That needs to change!

Social-revolutionaries need their own organization – let’s build the Social Opposition!

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